Amazon Fba Seller Tools List

Selling products online is not just having a ideas or finding cheaper suppliers. When you sell online especially through Amazon FBA, you will realize the importance of using some online tools / software. I want to provide an updated list of tools that may help and improve your business. Maybe you are already using some of them. I will keep it short and simple. Let's start talking about these tools.

1- Jungle Scout:

If you are planning to have a private label fba business or you are already running private label business, this is one of the best tools you can have. It's not free. But, it pays off saving so much time and provides you with so much information when you are trying to find a niche before sourcing.

Whether you have an idea or not, Jungle Scout can help you to come up with new ideas or gives you so much information to decide if your current idea is good enough to invest in.You will reach many products and categories on their web based application such as sales rank, how many reviews and how many stars a product has, etc. You can also see and compare competition, understand the market for that specific keyword and products. They also have a chrome app with a one time fee that makes things a lot easier. Their web based application starts at $29.

2- CamelCamelCamel :

With this FREE tool, you can watch pricing history of your competitors or other products if you like to use it for sourcing purposes. You can also find out about sales rank and product details.

3- Google Keyword Planner:

This is another FREE tool that helps you to understand what is trending and moreover it gives you so many keyword ideas that will be very helpful for creating PPC advertising on Amazon. You will be surprised what kind of keywords people are using to search to reach your product other than few main keywords. If you have a private label product and using PPC, you must use this tool in order to lower your advertising cost. This will bring you qualified leads at low costs. You can always get a PPC report to see which keywords are leading to sales so you can optimize your campaigns after a week or two. You will need to open a Google Adwords account to use it.

4- Feedback Genius:

It's another must have tool for private label sellers. Don't get me wrong you do not have to be a private label business to use their service but I personally do not suggest using it to ask Amazon customers to leave you seller feedback unless you have volume.

The reason I suggest it for private label sellers is, it REALLY helps to get product reviews. You can setup an automation that can request product feedback from the people who are already happy and left you 4-5 stars feedback so it's not very risky to ask them to write a specific product review. They have different pricing options and they have very reasonable pricing.They also have a FREE option that allows you to integrate with one marketplace with up to 100 emails per month. I think it's great for starters.

5- Fiverr:

Fiverr is a website where you can find freelancers, from logo designer to listing optimization, photo background removal to article writing. This is a great website that will help you save your time and money. Most gigs are only $5 but sellers provide different services at different prices. But for $5 you can have someone to create you a logo and banner, do background removal for your pictures that meets Amazon requirements, business card design etc. Keep this website in your bookmarks because you will need it.

6- Scott Voelker Podcast / The Amazing Seller:

Scott is a successful Amazon seller who decided to open a blog and share his experiences about selling on the Amazon platform. As of today (3-31-2017) he has over 300 episodes. You may not have time to listen to all of them if you are already in the business but his site is great with titles and descriptions so you can find which podcast can be helpful to you. He takes questions, sometimes he has guests who are other successful sellers or marketers and I think his podcast would help anyone who is already selling or planning to selling on Amazon.

7- ChannelMax Repricing:

If you're selling products that other people are also selling, repricing software is a must for your business. It will keep you in competition and maximize your sales and pricing. ChannelMax has 60 different algorithms which makes them a great repricing software.They also provide multi-channel inventory management but not as great as their repricing. You can also sell on Ebay and have Amazon to ship your products with their software. Channelmax will automate this process for you. It's probably one of the cheapest services you can find on the internet.

They also have a very special option to create custom repricing for each product that helps private label sellers to compete with other listings. For example, you are selling towels and you are the 2nd on the 1st page on Amazon for some keywords and your number one competitor is right above you with a similar product. You can reprice your product based on their pricing which will help you to get more traffic to your listing and of course sales.