Do you need prep and ship service ?

Most of FBA sellers who live in or out of the US are asking themselves if it's worth to work with freight forwarders or prep and ship services. What are the cons and pros ? It's completely up to sellers whether it's important for their business or not.

Here are the cons and pros.

damaged box

Cons : Money! Of course it will increase your cost if you send your shipment to fulfillment centers that provides package inspection services or prep and ship services. Most of these services will add up on your cost around $1-2 depending on your product size and your needs. Even if it looks small amount at the beginning, it may turn out huge money especially for high volume sellers. However you won't know how your boxes and products will arrive Amazon fulfillment center.

Pros: Piece of mind! Most of fba sellers don't trust suppliers especially when they get their products from China. It's because so many sellers suspended due to selling counterfeit item even though it was unintentional. On the other side some sellers got policy warnings, negative product and seller feedback.

If selling on Amazon is your main income, your account is your number one asset. You need to have very health account in order to keep selling on the marketplace. Therefore it's always best to get your shipment and products checked before the final destination.

Here are few of our competitors.I usually suggest these companies if you are doing OA (online arbitrage ) .

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Happy selling!

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