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FBA Prep Pricing

Pricing below is for wholesale and private label clients for items under 4 lb, no hazmat or fragile, small enough to fit 15+ qty into large boxes. 24 quantity per sku required. $40 order minimum per FBA shipment.

Please reach us out with your shipment/product details to confirm your pricing.



XS: 1-100 in3

S: 101-250 in3

M: 251-650 in3

L: 651-1,050 in3

XL: 1,051-1,728 in3

Pricing below is for small and medium size products for wholesale and private label sellers. If your products are over 650 cubic inches, please contact to confirm pricing. No arbitrage clients accepted at this time.

10.000+ Units Per Month?

Please contact for custom quote and learn more about additional benefits you may receive.